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Solving Rockies’ road woes can be feasible

This road trip serves as a litmus test for the Rockies.

It would answer whether or not the Rockies can sustain their excellent 5-1 homestand. That hasn’t been the case for them so far.

The Rockies are 1-3 on this road trip after taking a 5-4 loss to the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park last night. From watching the last three games, it appears the Rockies have reverted to doing things that have made them a bad team this season.

It’s four games already, but the Rockies have been so bad on the road that it’s hard to give them a benefit of the doubt. They are 22-41 on the road for a reason. They are not good enough to win away from Coors Field.

Intelligence and attitude are why the Rockies struggle on the road, and that has to change if they want to be a contending team on a yearly basis.

The Rockies have to get smarter with their hitting approach. They strike out often on the road, and they don’t get the big hit when they need to. They take poor at-bats at the plate.

Last night illustrated what’s wrong with the Rockies. They made Ethan Martin look like Cliff Lee as they mustered two runs and four hits off him in 6 1/3 innings he pitched.  Keep in mind the Phillies starter has been mediocre at best prior to last night’s start.

The Rockies guessed by swinging at every pitch rather than make Martin work by fouling off pitches or knowing what pitch was a ball.

This is the same old story when they are hitting. It’s tough to watch.

It’s hard to create offense when guys are striking out rather than figuring out how to make a pitcher work by fouling off pitches. This has been a problem all year. It’s even worse when veterans such as Dexter Fowler and Michael Cuddyer are doing it.

There’s no question Rockies hitting coach Dante Bichette has spent time telling guys to be patient at the plate. With that said, it’s easy to wonder if he is getting through to them by the way they are playing.

Their plate discipline has to get better. It can’t be hard to foul off pitches. If those guys can’t figure it out, they shouldn’t be playing everyday.

Part of being in the majors is to know plate discipline. That has to be taught in the minors before hitters are called up. If a hitter is hacking, it’s easy to get him out. The Rockies can’t have this. These guys should know how to have good at-bats when they enter the majors. There is no excuse to not make a pitcher work.

The Rockies have had trouble hitting on the road by hitting .247 and scoring 219 runs (third worst output in the NL) on the road. There is a reason to it. They have not done what they should be doing in being effective at the plate.

Until the Rockies figure out how to take proper at-bats, the results will continue to be same on the road.

Attitude is another problem with the Rockies. It seems like they are always flat when they play on the road.  They seemed to be defeated when the home team takes a lead on them.

Their attitude on the road has to change.

It comes down to confidence. The Rockies have to expect to do well on the road. They can’t let their struggles wear them down.  They can’t let deficits make it a lost cause for them. They need to know how to be aggressive such as stealing bases or extending single into a double.

The talent is there, but it means nothing if the attitude is not there.

The Rockies have had good hitting teams over the years, but for whatever reason, it has not translated well on the road. Then-Rockies manager Don Baylor did all he could to get his hitters to believe they can be effective on the road.

The problem is the Rockies expect to lose on the road. They don’t have enough leaders that can show how it’s done, so this will continue until the mindset changes.

The Rockies have to figure out how to do well on the road if they want to be a playoff team or have a winning season.

They need to find players who can get it done. That will be the key.

It would also be nice if guys like Nolan Arenado, Corey Dickerson, Charlie Blackmon and Charlie Culberson can figure out plate discipline.

If the Rockies can figure out how to have a better approach and develop a better attitude, they can improve on the road.

They need to find players that know what to do for that to happen.

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Rockies’ stars need more days like this

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)


Relief was the operative word after the Rockies finished their 10-game homestand yesterday afternoon.

The Rockies were relieved they salvaged a .500 homestand by going 5-5 in their 6-5 victory over the Brewers at Coors Field.

The hitters are relieved they played  a role in this victory for once after failing to get the key hits during this homestand.

It has been frustrating for the Rockies’ hitters. They received criticism for their poor performance, and they take it to heart knowing that they are trying with no results to show for it. It got to the point where it took a toll on them whether they want to admit it or not.

It’s natural for hitters to feel that way. They don’t want to waste great performances from their starters by being inept at the plate. That gets them to try too hard, and that becomes frustrating when it does not work out.

Hitting a baseball is easier said than done. There are so many good pitchers in the National League that the Rockies are facing, and it hasn’t worked out for the Rockies’ hitters.

Dexter Fowler, Michael Cuddyer, Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki haven’t played well, and that’s why the Rockies are having hard time winning games.

Fowler and Tulowitzki are still trying to get back in the groove after being on the disabled list.

Gonzalez has been nursing a sprained finger for awhile, and it has affected his performance at the plate. He did not play this weekend, and chances are good he will be on the disabled list since his finger continues to affect the way he is swinging the bat.

Cuddyer has grounded into double plays or flied out since the post-All-Star break.

When the stars don’t play like stars, it’s going to be hard to score runs.Yesterday was a different story. Everything clicked for Tulowitzki, Cuddyer and Fowler.

Tulowitzki hit a home run in the first inning, and he scored the tying run on Cuddyer’s double in the eighth inning.

Cuddyer tied the game couple of times in the game. He tied the game at 3 by hitting a home run in the sixth inning, and he tied the game at 5 in the eighth inning.

For good measure, Cuddyer scored the game-winning run in the eighth inning when Nolan Arenado hit a RBI single.

Fowler hit his 12th home run in giving the Rockies a 4-3 lead in the seventh inning.

To say all those four guys needed this performance is an understatement. It’s been so long since they created good moments for the Rockies like yesterday.

Tulowitzki hasn’t given the Rockies the spark that they thought he would give once he came back on the disabled list. He takes good at-bats, and he gets on base. That said, he is being paid to drive in runs and hit home runs. That hasn’t happened frequently.

It’s not surprising he hasn’t. It takes time for baseball players to get back to where they are after being on the disabled list. Keep in mind he might still be playing in pain. It takes an offseason to have an injury completely healed. For him to gut it out there while he is hurting, that should be commended.

Same can be said for Fowler, who is 6-for-35 at the plate.

Cuddyer does not have the disabled list excuse to explain his struggles. His problem is that he is such a streaky hitter. He can be great for a month as he demonstrated with his 27-game hitting streak, and he can go through a drought that last for a long time as he is doing now.

He knows he has to drive in runs, not ground into double play. One of the things he needs to do is grind out good at-bats for him to do that as he did yesterday. He hasn’t done that outside of yesterday.

The Rockies’ stars feel they are on the verge of breaking out. They can only hope yesterday will set the tone for good things. It has to happen for them with the Rockies starting a 10-game road trip tonight. If the Rockies want to win five or more games on this trip, the onus is on them to produce.

Yesterday’s offensive performance provides respite for the stars, but they know they have to sustain this.

That’s why it was more of a relief than a celebration in the locker room. They know one good game can only go so far.

It’s about doing it again.

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Hard to take Rockies seriously as playoff team

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images


It’s a good thing the Broncos started training camp.

This gives Rocky Mountain sports fans something to watch now that the Rockies are playing their way out of playoff contention as always.

It’s hard to take the Rockies seriously when they lost three of four to a bad Marlins team at home.

This was a homestand that was supposed to help the Rockies stay afloat and give them momentum heading to August. Instead, the Rockies are 49-54, and they are five games out in the NL West heading to tonight’s game against the Brewers. They gained one game and lost two games in the standings.

Sure, the Rockies are five games out, but the bottom line is they have to be at .500 and be within striking distance at the end of the homestand.  It’s not happening. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Rockies lose two of three or get swept by a bad Brewers team this weekend to finish the homestand.

The Rockies needed to do well in this homestand. It won’t be easy when they play the next 20 games on the road. Considering how they are 20-29 on the road this season, it’s hard to think they are going to do much on long road trips coming up this month.

The problem with the Rockies is they can’t hit. That’s the frustrating part considering they have received better starting pitching.

The Rockies haven’t created a big inning in the last few months. All they do is ground into double plays or strike out. Their at-bats leave a lot to be desired. It’s hard to score runs or win games this way.

It starts with the stars on the team. Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez are not producing.

Tulowitzki has not been the player he was before he was on the disabled list. He is still finding his way at the plate after missing time. That should be expected.

Gonzalez has not been hitting home runs frequently since his finger has been hurting for weeks. He is currently 3-for-20 in this homestand.

It isn’t only just those two. It’s guys like Dexter Fowler, Michael Cuddyer and Wilin Rosario that are not doing their part.

Fowler hasn’t gotten on base.

Cuddyer has grounded into a lot of double plays since the post-All-Star break.

Either Rosario strikes out or ground out.

It’s hard to win games when guys are not doing well.

How bad is this lineup? They have failed to score more than three runs for the 14th in the past 20 games. It’s hard to believe the lineup will get better anytime soon. Hitting is mental, and the struggles may have gotten the best out of the hitters to point of no return.

This isn’t the first time the guys slumped as a team. It’s been going on all season.

The hitters are also gaining a reputation where they are only good when it doesn’t matter. That means maybe their hitters are not good enough.

If these guys can’t hit against inferior teams, how they are going to get better against better teams that the Rockies are facing in the next weeks? It’s no wonder why Rockies fans are giving up on them now.

It’s fair to wonder if the Rockies can ever win anything with these guys in a year they should win a winnable division. The talent is there, but it means nothing. Guys have to get it done, and the Rockies aren’t right now.

It’s up to them to surprise the fans now. It’s up to them to get the fans to believe.

With 59 games to go, the hitters have to show they have the reputation to step up in situational hitting.

With 59 games to go, they need to show they can snap out of it.

That remains to be seen. It’s hard to be confident when they haven’t showed they can get it done. Their track record isn’t the greatest.

If the hitters can’t feast on inferior teams, what makes anyone think they can do well against divisional teams later this year?

It’s a shame the Rockies are wasting good pitching from their starters this year. Their problems have always been starting pitching, so it would behoove the hitters for not getting it done.

It’s hard to believe they are a playoff team when they can’t beat bad teams.

It’s hard to believe they are a playoff team when they are 36-50 after starting the season with a 13-4 record.

The best the Rockies can do is now is finish at .500, but even that goal could be a reach with the way they have played for the last two months.

It’s another year of the team being irrelevant.

It’s another year of no September baseball.

In other words, it’s business as usual with the Rockies.

No wonder everyone is now focusing on the Broncos.

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Crunch time for Rockies start now

(David Zalubowski/AP Photo)

(David Zalubowski/AP Photo)


It’s not early anymore.

It’s starting to get late.

There comes a time when the Rockies have to make a run in the NL West standings if they want to be taken seriously as a contender in the division.

Now is the time for the Rockies to take advantage of a homestand featuring three awful teams in the Cubs, Marlins and Brewers.

It’s now or never. It’s hard to believe the Rockies can recover if they have a bad homestand, especially with them playing 20 of their next 26 games on the road. If they can’t beat these teams, it’s hard to feel confident about the Rockies beating teams in the division.

It was bad enough the Rockies played awful Friday night when they mustered only five hits in their 3-1 loss to the Cubs.

It’s easy to wonder if they have it in them to do well in this homestand if they lost last night.

After the Rockies struggled to get anything going against Carlos Villanueva in the first few innings, they finally got to him in the middle of the game, and they went on to a 9-3 victory over the Cubs last night at Coors Field.

Everything went so right for the Rockies in this game that the fans received free tacos from participating Taco Bell locations in Colorado after the Rockies scored their seventh run, which is always the case after the Rockies score seven runs.

It was a night the team could enjoy.

It has been a tough stretch for the Rockies this month. They were last in runs scored. They scored only 37 runs overall in their last 14 games. They grounded into so many double plays rather than creating a big inning.

There’s no question the guys are frustrated. The losses and offensive woes wear on the guys after awhile.

Last night was a relief for the Rockies. Maybe it will get them going the rest of the homestand.

The fourth inning was what started it all for the Rockies.

The Rockies grinded out some good at-bats in that inning, and that resulted to Todd Helton hitting a single and Wilin Rosario hitting a double.

Nolan Arenado tied the game at 1 by grounding out to first, scoring Helton from third.

With Rosario at third and Juan Nicasio working out a walk, the onus was on Dexter Fowler to give the Rockies the lead with a base hit with two outs in the inning.

Settling for a tie was not good enough. Not when Villanueva was struggling in the fourth inning. The Rockies could not bail him out when they had the opportunity to break the game open.

Fowler came through with a triple that gave the Rockies a 3-1 lead.

That was the turning point of the game. The hitters relaxed, and there was no more pressure about coming through in situational hitting. The guys could play instead of thinking about failure or trying to do too much.

That’s why Fowler’s hit was important. From there, everyone followed his lead.

Carlos Gonzalez led off the fifth inning by hitting a home run that extended the Rockies’ lead to 4-1. Overall, the Rockies had five straight hits in that inning.

The Rockies scored four runs in the fifth inning to extend their lead to 7-1.

That inning went the Rockies’ way to the point Villanueva was out of the ballgame.

When a pitcher is taken out of the game, it’s a sign the hitters did their job.

The Rockies added two more runs in the eighth inning to maintain their lead over the Cubs to 9-3.

It was a night the Rockies needed. They had to get it going on offense, and they had to win the game. They can’t keep blowing winnable games and having games like Friday night where the offense was not there.

The Rockies could not be in a position to get swept by the awful Cubs this afternoon.

There was so much on the line in this game. They can’t start the homestand by losing two straight. If that was the case, this homestand could spiral out of the control by which guys would start doubting themselves.

The Rockies have been resilient overall, but now, they have to show their mettle at a crucial juncture.

If there is a bad homestand, the Rockies can call it quits for this season. It’s going to be tough for them to recover, and it would be hard to take them seriously.

This weekend is a referendum for the Rockies to show they can be in this race. It’s going to come down to their hitting.

They executed well in the nick of time.

Now, they have to do it again today and the rest of the homestand.

Their season depends on it.

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Injuries and Tulowitzki go hand-in-hand

(David Zalubowski, The Associated Press)

(David Zalubowski, The Associated Press)


The Rockies knew they were in for a tough day yesterday when Carlos Gonzalez had to leave the game after he was hit in the left foot by a foul ball in the first inning.

It carried over in the third inning when Dexter Fowler was hit by a pitch that caused him to leave the game.

Then, Troy Tulowitzki had to leave the game after he injured his rib by attempting to dive for a groundball out in the eighth inning. That was the same inning that the Nationals took the lead and went on to take a 5-4 victory against the Rockies.

The loss was nothing when the Rockies found out that Tulowitzki has to go on the disabled list with a broken rib. He will miss 4 to 6 weeks.

At least, Gonzalez and Fowler won’t miss time.

This does not make the Rockies feel better, though.

They are losing a MVP player for a good amount of time. That means he will be playing at the end of July if he can recover from the rib injury.

By then, who knows how the Rockies are going to do in the standings? Who knows if he can be the same player he was this season after he comes back from the disabled list?

They are playing the Giants at the end of the month at Coors Field, and they will play the Dodgers twice along with playing the Diamondbacks and Padres to start the month of July.

This is where the Rockies are going to need Tulowitzki for them to beat those teams.

It’s hard to replace Tulowitzki. There’s no getting around that.

No one can duplicate a hitter that is hitting .347 with a 1.048 OPS, 16 home runs and 51 RBIs in Tulowitzki.

No one can make plays that Tulowitzki does when he plays shortstop. He can be relied on to make a great play every game.

There is no question Carlos Gonzalez will be affected. Pitchers will intentionally walk him with Tulowitzki not playing unless Wilin Rosario or Nolan Arenado can offer protection by hitting.

Good luck to that. Rosario and Arenado are going to be inconsistent as young players. They are learning  on the job, so odds are Gonzalez will be getting many intentional walks in the near future.

It’s up to Rosario or Arenado to figure out a way to get hits.

As for Tulowitzki, he is frustrated that he is hurt.

He is having a MVP season, and he was on his way to play in the All-Star Game in New York in July. Being on the disabled list was the last thing he needed.

It’s something Rockies fans fail to realize.

There are fans that rip Tulowitzki for not playing through injuries, and there are fans that are upset he gets hurt every year.

It’s understandable why they would feel that way. He is the difference between winning and losing, and Rockies fans found out last year when the Rockies lost 98 games with him being out for the year with a groin injury.

When a guy is injury-prone like Tulowtizki is, fans are not going to be happy.

There are going to be questions if Tulowitzki’s body is fragile to play Major League Baseball. It’s something the Rockies shortstop has to think about it sooner or later.

Here’s a long list of injuries about Tulowitzki:

He torn his tendon in his left quadriceps in 2008.

He injured his palm in 2008 after he slammed the bat in frustration.

He missed last year with a groin injury.

He sprained his shoulder on a slide.

His leg was hurting this year.

Now, his rib hurts.

It’s one thing or another with Tulowitzki. One can’t help, but feel bad for him.

No one puts his time at his job than Tulowitzki. He is out there early at batting practice, and he stays late. He will always sacrifice his body to get on base or make a play. There’s why the Rockies like him, and that’s why he is a winner.

None of this means anything when he gets hurt every year. Rockies fans talk more about his injuries than his play.

That’s unfortunate. One should feel empathy for Tulowitzki. This is not easy for him to go through.

All he wants to do is play baseball and lead the Rockies to a championship.

Instead, he has to answer questions again about why he is injury-prone.

When Tulowitzki comes back, there are going to be people betting the over and under about him being hurt again.

Even the Rockies have to be asking themselves that question.

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So many Rockies should be in midsummer classic

(AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

(AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)


Bruce Bochy will be managing the National League in the All-Star Game next month at New York, and he will have the unenviable position of selecting guys for the midsummer classic.

At least, he will get some help. Players will be involved in selecting their peers for the All-Star Game.

My advice to Bochy would be that there should be six representatives from the Rockies in the All-Star Game.

Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, Dexter Fowler, Jorge De La Rosa , Rex Brothers and Matt Belisle should play in that game based on them playing a role in the Rockies’ success so far this year. The team is 34-30, and they are 1 ½ games behind the division-leading Diamondbacks in the NL West.

Tulowitzki figures to be starting in the All-Star Game. He is leading in his ballot at shortstop by having  1,691,262 votes. Brandon Crawford is second with 1,015,633 votes, so unless the Giants fans stuff the ballots for their shortstop, look for a Rockie to be represented at shortstop.

This is well-deserved for Tulowitzki. After missing out last season with a groin injury, he has bounced back by batting.351 (2nd in batting average among NL leaders), hitting 16 home runs (3rd in home runs among NL leaders) and driving in 51 runs (2nd in RBIs among NL leaders).

Tulowitzki has played like a MVP candidate. He has stepped up in scoring position by hitting .347, and he looks comfortable at the plate as one can tell by his batting stance.

He has been labeled as injury-prone, and rightfully so. It always seems he comes up with injuries every season.

He took games off this year with a shoulder injury and a leg injury. Fortunately, it hasn’t been serious.

Based on how he performs, it’s easy to understand why Tulowitzki is valuable for the Rockies. It shows in the standings. The Rockies had a terrible season last year based on him being out of the lineup. It’s hard to win games when a great player like him is out.  He is hard to replace. He is not only a great hitter, but he is a great fielder, too.

Tulowitzki’s absence had a role in Carlos Gonzalez’s struggles last season.

Pitchers were able to walk Gonzalez, so he couldn’t get anything to hit.

That’s not the case this year, and it showed yesterday. Luke Gregerson couldn’t walk Gonzalez with Dexter Fowler at second and Tyler Colvin at third with 1 out in the ninth inning yesterday. If he did, Tulowitzki could have won the game with a base hit.

Gregerson pitched to Gonzalez, and that didn’t end well.

Gonzalez tied the game at 9 with a double that drove in Colvin and Fowler.

It’s a great feeling for a team to have when they can have a great hitter behind a great hitter in a situation like yesterday’s game.

Gonzalez is going to be a MVP candidate if he can sustain his play for the last two months. He leads the Rockies with 17 home runs (2nd in HRs among NL leaders) and he has 48 RBIs (3rd in RBIs among NL leaders) while batting .302 with an OPS of .992.

Gonzalez has also saved games with great defensive plays. He has been a highlight reel in the outfield as a Rockie.

There’s no question Gonzalez and Tulowitzki make an impact on the Rockies based on their offense, and that’s why they are All-Stars.

While it’s a good bet Gonzalez and Tulowitzki are playing in the All-Star Game, there are questions if the other four are a lock to play. They should be.

Fowler is also deserving of being an All-Star. He has played well, and he delivered a game-winning RBI with two outs in the tenth inning yesterday in the Rockies’ 8-7 win over the Padres.

He has hit well. There are so many outfielders deserving, so he will not make the cut. He should be, though. He has had a better year than Byrce Harper, who is in the top 3 in the OF ballots. The first three outfielders will be voted in.

De La Rosa is 7-3 with a 3.38 ERA, and he was 4-0 in the five games he pitched in May with a 2.08 ERA. If he wins 11 games, he has to be a cinch to be in the All-Star Game. He is worthy of pitching in that game since he is the Rockies’ stopper. He gives them a great performance every five days.

De La Rosa has to win all of his starts when one realizes the rest of the starters are not good. He is not that good of a pitcher to do that, but he has found a way to get it done.

One can make a case for Brothers and Belisle.

There is something to be said about a reliever having an impact on a team when he shuts down a team late in the game and having the ball every game.

That’s what Brothers and Belisle do when they are out there when they are called upon whether it’s to protect a lead or pitch in a tie game late in the game.

When those two pitch with a lead, it’s game over for the other team. That’s how good they have been.

Brothers is 2-0 with a 0.31 ERA, and he has given up only a run this year in 28 2/3 innings. He threw 28 strikeouts this year.  He is getting a shot to close while Rafael Betancourt is on the disabled list with a groin injury.

Belisle is 4-2 with a 3.15 ERA in the 31 games he pitched this season, and he has only walked seven batters in 34 1/3 innings this year.

When both relievers want the ball every game and get the job done, managers like that. They know the importance of a bridge to a closer in a game. Those guys play a role in keeping this lead. Guys like that are hard to find, and that’s why both of them are worthy.

It’s hard to believe both will make it, but one of them has to make it.

Bochy knows what Belisle and Brothers can do based on him watching those two against his Giants this year. He knows how valuable they are to the Rockies. It would be shame if either of them doesn’t make the All-Star roster.

The Rockies needed Belisle and Brothers to come through since they play tight games late. If those two didn’t get it done, the Rockies would not be winning that many games. There’s something to be said about good relief.

Anytime a team has that many All-Stars, it shows the value each has had on a ballclub. Those guys are invaluable based on the impact they have had in wins and losses.

The Rockies have six of those guys.

Who knows where the team would be without them?

That’s why they are All-Star worthy.

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Rockies should savor this win against their tormentors


(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

A game-tying hit.

A grand slam.

An insurance run.

A diving catch.

Striking out the side to get a save.

Those five moments stood out in last night’s Rockies’ 10-9 victory over the Giants at Coors Field.

It was only significant since this played a role in the Rockies snapping a 10-game losing streak to the Giants.

A win against the Giants never felt this good for the Rockies.

Make no mistake. The Rockies almost blew another lead after blowing the first lead of the game, and they were in danger of losing to the Giants for the second straight night. With the errors and wild pitches, it’s clear the Rockies were feeling the pressure to get that win.

A 10-game losing streak to the Giants can wear on the Rockies along with going 9-31 since 2011. The losses and the questions of when will it end take its toll after awhile.

The Giants were relentless throughout the game. With that said, the Rockies found a way to respond, and they should be commended for it.

After the NL West division leaders took a 5-4 lead in the fourth inning, the Rockies created a big inning by scoring five runs in the fifth inning.

Dexter Fowler singled to start the fifth inning, and Carlos Gonzalez walked after that. Wilin Rosario’s RBI single tied the game at 5 as Fowler scored.

When D.J. Lemhaieu walked to load the bases, Jordan Pacheco hit a grand slam to give the Rockies a 9-5 lead over the Giants.

The crowd applauded, and the entire Rockies bench was fired up with Pacheco receiving a bear hug by Rosario.

The Rockies needed that. They wilt when the Giants regains the lead everytime it happens, so on this night, it was refreshing to see the home team was not going to back down on this night.

The grand slam gave the Rockies a new start in the middle of the game. They knew they can get back at the Giants.

Despite what the Rockies did, the Giants were not going to quit on this night. It is never over until the 27th out is made.

That’s why Gonzalez’s home run was huge in the sixth inning when that home run extended the Rockies’ lead to 10-5. It was a much needed insurance run.

Insurance runs are always a must for an opponent playing against the Giants.

It’s a good thing the Rockies had one. The Giants continued their assault on the Rockies by scoring three runs in the seventh inning, and they cut their deficit to 10-8. In the process, they got to reliable Rockies reliever Edgmer Escalona.

Escalona walked Buster Posey to start the seventh, and Hunter Pence tripled that sent Posey home for the Giants’s first run of the seventh inning.

Then, Escalona threw a pitch that Rosario could not hold on to, and Pence scored to give the Giants their second run of the seventh inning.

From there, Escalona expressed his frustration by gesturing at Rosario.

After Brett Pill hit a double off Escalona, Rockies manager Walt Weiss made a pitching change with no outs in the inning. He had to as his reliever was not into the game after the Giants scored runs off him.

Joaquin Arias hit a single off Rex Brothers to have Pill scored the Giants’ third run in the inning.

Unlike Escalona, Brothers shook off the hit and got the last three outs by striking out Brandon Crawford, getting Gregor Blanco to ground out and having Angel Pagan to line out.

Brothers received an assist by Fowler who made a diving catch to end the inning. If the Rockies centerfielder does not hold on to the ball, it would have been a 10-9 game. The game may have been tied if the inning continued.

Fowler’s catch was the turning point of the game.

This is how to step up and put a stop to it when another team creates a big inning by getting outs and making defensive plays.

The Giants kept it going in the eighth inning when Posey hit a two-out solo home run off Matt Belisle. It was now a 10-9 game. What? You expected Giants to quit?

With Pence hitting a double, he was the tying run.

Pressure was on Belisle to get the last out, and he found a way by getting Pill to ground out.

The Rockies needed three outs to get this win.

Rafael Betancourt is reliable as a closer with nine saves and no blown save to show for it prior to last night’s game, but it wasn’t going to be easy with the way the Giants were scoring in this contest.

The Rockies closer handled the inning with ease by striking out the side.

Talk about an exclamation mark to end the game and end the losing streak against the Giants for the Rockies.

It was a symbol that the Giants were not going to deny the Rockies a win.

For one night, the Rockies did not have to answer the media’s questions about another loss to the Giants. It was a welcome relief.

Winning a game against the Giants meant something. They could have lost another one. Instead, they preserved whenever the Giants were cutting deficits. They found a way to get a key hit, key outs, key strikeouts and a key play.

The Rockies learned something about themselves for one night. They know they can do something about putting a stop to what the Giants are doing.

That’s what makes this win against the Giants more special than others.

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