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Writer’s Note: Rather than write about another Rockies’ loss last night, I decided to write about what’s on my mind in the world of sports along with Colorado sports.

What makes this season tough to take is the Rockies received efficient performance from their starting pitching this year.

Jorge De La Rosa, Jhoulys Chacin Nolan Arenado, Rex Brothers, Juan Nicasio, Matt Belisle and Tyler Chatwood are positives when it comes to assessing the Rockies’ 2013 season.

How about Juan Nicasio? He has pitched well since his callup from Triple-A Colorado Springs. One thing about him is that he is a battler. He will give the Rockies everything he got. He finds a way to get out of jams, and his command is much better. He gave up two runs and seven hits in 5 2/3 innings in the Rockies’ 4-3 lost to the Phillies last night.

Does anyone get the impression Drew Pomeranz pitched his last game as a Rockie?

Nolan Arenado has had a good rookie season. His performance at third base has been exemplary, and he finds a way to step up in situational hitting like last night when he hit a RBI single to give the Rockies a 3-2 lead in the eighth inning last night.

Rex Brothers is going to be fun to watch in the ninth inning next season. He overpowers hitters when he faces them, which is why he will be a great closer for the Rockies.

Troy Tulowitzki and Michael Cuddyer have been disappointing since the post-All-Star break.

Good for Todd Helton for his longevity as he is still playing Major League Baseball at 40 years old, but he stayed too long as a Major Leaguer.

The problem with the Rockies is they know how to lose. Last night illustrated that.

Why Dan O’Dowd will be Rockies general manager for life? Rockies owner Dick Monfort does not have any confidence in himself in getting it right when it comes to a new general manager.

Wilin Rosario has swung well in the last few weeks. He did it again last night by hitting his 19th home run off Cliff Lee in the second inning. That home run tied the game at 1.

With the exception of Arenado, Brothers and Wilin Rosario, Rockies should consider trading anyone. No one is untouchable when the Rockies are going to miss the playoffs along with having another losing season.

Best part of watching the Rockies this season is interacting with Rockies fans on Twitter. They are passionate when it comes to baseball, and they know the game well. They deserve better than the product they are seeing right now.

For my money, David Martin is a must read when it comes to reading about the Rockies. He writes at RockiesReview.com

The Rockies will finish in third place this season.

It’s hard to root against the Dodgers. They are a likable team.

Don Mattingly should win the NL Manager of the Year. He survived after almost being fired, and he was able to manage egos well.

It’s going to be neat to see the Pirates play in the playoffs this season. PNC Park is a gorgeous park, and that park should be where postseason baseball take place every year.

Clayton Kershaw is my choice to win the NL Cy Young. He is on an excellent run, and his ERA is an impressive 1.80. He could win 17 games this season.

Miguel Cabrera and Chris Davis are toss-ups when it comes to winning the AL MVP. I would go with Cabrera since he could have another Triple Crown season.

I could see the Red Sox pull another collapse like 2011. Their pitching is a question mark.

The Broncos will be in the Super Bowl since there are not many great AFC teams. That said, they will lose in the Super Bowl. Does anyone trust Peyton and John Fox in a big spot?

It will be interesting how Patrick Roy does as the Avalanche head coach. Does he have the temperament to deal with the players?

Colorado State football will make great strides this year.

The Nuggets are good, but they are not good enough to win a championship.

Fox Sports Live is the real deal. It’s easy to understand why Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole were beloved in Canada when they worked on TSN SportsCentre for years. Both are entertaining, and most importantly, both present the information well to the viewers. The big boards and graphics are fun to watch.

The only drawback is the panel on Fox Sports Live. It’s a waste of time and waste of discussion.

Charissa Thompson is incompetent at her role, and she should have not been hired at all. She was awful on Fox Sports Rocky Mountain and ESPN. She has no idea what she is doing as a point person on Fox Sports Live. If she was not pretty, would she even be hired?

Chris Rose should have been hired on Fox Sports Live. He would have fared better than Thompson.

So glad for another sports highlights show. It’s good to watch another option than watching the crap called SportsCenter.

SportsCenter used to be so good, but the problem is the show lost its way by focusing on what’s trending and creating artificial debates that never made sense. What’s galling about SportsCenter is they ignore hockey and they only show highlights on popular teams.

Only thing worth watching on ESPN is Skip Bayless, and that is only to hear what stupid comment he will say next.

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