Shame on Rockies for not being buyers


There is always a bright side to things.

Rockies owner Dick Monfort and Rockies general manager Dan O’Dowd are relieved to be off the hook in making a move that would make the Rockies contenders after they watched the Rockies go 4-5 on the homestand last night with a 7-5 loss to the Brewers at Coors Field.

There has been pressure on O’Dowd to make a move that would make the difference in the Rockies winning the NL West.

There has been pressure on Monfort to stop being cheap and add payroll for a rare playoff push.

Now, the pressure is off after the Rockies are six games behind in the NL West. That’s just the way they like it.

No one is saying Monfort and O’Dowd are happy the team is struggling, but they don’t want to be criticized if they don’t make a deal while the team is hanging around in the division race. They know they don’t have enough to get a hitter or a reliever to improve the team. They also don’t want to add any more payroll.

Those two can now tell the public the Rockies were not good enough for them to make a deal. It’s so convenient, isn’t it?

Even if the Rockies are an above average team, there was no way the front office and ownership were going to make an attempt to improve their team’s chances of solidifying a playoff berth.

This is an organization that has a set budget for the year, and they don’t want to go over it.

They were not paying Ricky Nolasco’s salary to acquire him. They actually wanted the Marlins to pay it while they have him on the roster. That was not happening, and rightfully so from the Marlins’ perspective. Plus, that starter is going to be a free agent after this season, and the Rockies are not acquiring starters that are in their walk year.

That should tell you something about the Rockies. They are okay with being okay rather than being great.

Of course, the Rockies want to win, but they don’t want to pay the price.

When the Rockies sell out and make money, they can acquire a rental player.

The Rockies’ idea of making a team better is calling up Drew Pomeranz and signing Roy Oswalt to a minor-league contract.  Somehow, the Dodgers were not losing sleep about a team chasing them with a young starter who has done nothing in the majors and a starter who has saw better days.

What the Rockies need is a reliever and couple of hitters. Good luck in getting one.

What you see is what you get with the Rockies year in and year out.

While teams like the Dodgers, Diamondbacks and teams with championship aspirations go for it, the Rockies are okay with being mediocre.

Winning championships or playing in playoff games does not come to mind when it comes to the Rockies’ mission statement.

The Rockies can talk a good game, but action means a lot more. It’s been a long time since they made an impact move, and that’s why no one thought the team was going to make move. They have seen this act for years.

Ownership and front office don’t have to bother about making a move now. There is not going to be a playoff appearance with the Rockies this season despite the NL West being a weak division.

The Rockies have 57 games remaining, so technically they have a shot, but this group does not have what it takes to be a playoff team. They can’t hit, and they have found ways to lose more than winning. They are 37-51 since that 13-4 start, which turned out to be a mirage. They are closer to last place than first place in the NL West standings. Based on these facts, the team proved management’s point that it’s not worth making a deal.

From talking to fans on Twitter, they even know the Rockies are not a playoff team.

Their play bails ownership and management out, but it shouldn’t. They should try to make their team better. That’s the goal of being in professional sports.

Until that mindset changes, it will always be business as usual as Rockies settle for mediocrity.

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